advance Note Counting Machine Buying Guide in india 2021.

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Welcome once again to my site. Today, we are going to tell which things should be kept in mind while taking a note counting machine. My kuch friends have a shop that was able to do their cash counting, many people like them have the same problem, they all have no worries now, let's see Advance Note Counting Machine Buying Guide in india 2021.

advance Note Counting Machine Buying Guide in india 2021.

# 1: - Speed

The average speed of the note counter machine is somewhere between 900 notes to 1500 notes per minute. If there will be a more advanced machine, then 1500 notes in one minute is also counted by counting. In this way, we should talk about the human being that a man is counted by counting 100-150 notes in a minute. We buy note counting machines only because money is known quickly and fake note. For this, the point of speed is very important. You should always pay attention to his speed.

# 2: - Operation Type

The operation type of each country or currency is different. You should buy the machine according to your calculations. There are some types of it that I have gone down.

In 1 Bills Counter - the machine only counts the number of notes. O Machine does not show the total amount. If you put different amount of note in it at the same time, then O will show you only the number of quantity. It's good if you only get to use the machine for counting the same denomination counting notes.

2 Mixed Denomination Counter: These types of machin do the same work all over the word. they machines automatically identify and calculate the different denomination currency notes with ease.

3 Sorter: This is absolutely normal note counting machine, in this we put a bundle of note and we know the number of amount or quantity.

# 3: - Type of Machine

Two types of machines come from it. The Portable and countertop machines are the two common types that you'll find useful. But there is a lot of difference in this. You should select according to your calculations.

1) Portable note counting machine:

Everyone uses this time machine more. The speed and size of these machines are slightly less. Special, you are careful to carry it anywhere. Due to its reduced weight and size, you can easily take it even where it is. This type machine is very useful for pigmy bank agents, money collectors, and even the bank employees.

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2) Countertop Note Counting Machine:

Usages of these are also done at normal places. These machines are heavy duty. You thousand notes also counted in just 5 minutes. But you are careful not to carry it Their weight is heavy, they have to be setup on the place itself, you are careful not to move it much.

# 4: - Hopper.

The hopper size is O, in which we keep notes. You should always buy a counting machine by looking at the size of the hopper. However, if the counting speed of the machine is high then hopper is the advantage of being large. If the count speed of the machine is low then the hopper runs even when it is small.

 #5: - Accuracy.

Our work should be easy, accounts should be fine, so we take count machine, right? If you keep an account on the basis of counting machine, and someday O got deteriorated and you don't know for a month then you will go into loss. tally will not be equal. Whatever item you are taking, is it a good brand, we should see it at least in business. If you are buying the machine online then definitely read its user reviews.

# 6: - Counterfeit Note Detection:

You also know how many racket making fake note are caught these days. In such a situation, business people have to be more vigilant. The tax CA has to show one account each. In all these tasks, his note counter machine proves very useful. Counter machines are set according to countries. Which is familiar to his country's notions. Just like Reserve Bank's note O machine identifies perfectly. This machine identifies fake notes under electromagnetic sensors, optical sensors, and ultraviolet light. All these sensors remain inside the inbuilt machine.

# 7: - Budget

Budget is the most important point. When taking any thing, you should decide your budget first. By deciding budget, we take the same budget thing as accurate. If you have gone offline to take things directly, then you will be confused to take which product.

Market means online / offline both counting machines up to ₹ 1000 ~ 15,000 are available. But first of all, you have to look at your budget and later think whether buying the machine is really beneficial, just do not buy at all with the idea that the work will be less easy. If you are really having a problem, then you should buy anyway.

You also have to see if o machine is ISO certificate.

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advance Note Counting Machine Buying Guide in india 2021.

I hope you have liked this article today. All this information is extracted only by deep research. You have to think if you are really benefiting from buying a machine, just do not buy at all with the idea that the work will be less easy. If you are really having a problem, then you should buy. If you like this article, then definitely share it with your friends and family. If you have any complaint with this, then conatct from us direct conatct page.

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