how to recover realme c11?

 Many times it happens that we send our phone to the children or sometimes we get the password from our phone, otherwise we forget our password, in which case we have to recover / boot the mobile. But now it comes, how do we do this. Do not worry we today seen how to recovery realme c11

how to recovery realme c11?

So, let's start,
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Before going further, we talk a little bit,

What is recovery/boot mobile?

πŸ‘‰πŸ» Now we are see recovery of realme c11 but can you know recovery/boot of mobile? 

If you answer is 'No' so you read this paragraph.

If you own an Android phone, then it is very important for you.Recovery mode With this, our phone becomes completely new. Exactly what we bought from the shop. With this, every setting of mobile is restored. All wallpaper, google accounts, contacts, massages delect everything with it. But I have explained below how you can backup all these things.

How to backup data at REALME C11? Before doing this backup, we need a few things. OTG, MEMORY CARD / PENDRIVE. We want these things.

[Mobile battery should be more than 50% while recovery / boot.]

1) OTG: you have to install in the charging port of mobile. Before buying OTG, check that your phon has port type-c or if micro-usb is the micro,-usb port of realme c11.

2) All the files: you have, move to MEMORY CARD / PENDRIVE. All you have to do is MOVE, not copy ×. 

3) Even after the complete move, you have to keep OTG FOR  2-3 minutes. This will not cause any file crypt. Afterwards remove the otg and place MEMORY CARD / PENDRIVE a good place.

 4) Back up your gmail too. 

{If you have forgotten your Gmail password, then read this article click Here  and take back back 😁and read this article}

★ photos you google photos app Can be backed up from the app. 

★ contacts you google's  contact app  Take backup fromT ake backup from

 ★ You can also backup all storage simultaneously. To do this, you need to use google's  files app. Have to download. In this way you can backup any of your Android phones.

How start Recovery Mode REALME C11?

 πŸ‘‰πŸ» Now we come to our main topic. 

Note: In recovery / boot mode, you phone touch screen is not working.You use your recovery panel with hardware keys. 4 To move between options, click Volume up and down button to move up and down respectively. You click the Power button to select any of the options.】

●Switch off the REALME C11.

● Make sure the battery REALME C11 is more than 50%.

● Press/Click and hold the Power Button + Volume Down Button

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●  When the Logo show on screen, then release the button.

● Choose wipe data / factory option from recovery panel.

◆Using Volume Button, and press Power Button to Enter.

● The REALME C11 will continue  reset, wait for some times. than, REALME C11 perform like new again.With original look like first time started πŸ˜πŸ€—.

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● Than you can complete your all settings and recover your memory card/pendrive backup 😊 And G-mail account.

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