Cooler buying guide in 2021. |Advance tips|

Ok, now summer has come, now is the time to eat cold. Not only food at all, it is also nice to be cool with food in summer. But how to stay cool?.

Cooler buying guide in 2021. |Advance tips|

Some people go to farm house outside of summer. But some who are still stay at home. The easiest way to keep the house cool is to apply ac if not cooler. In today's article, I will tell you some tips that will come in handy while taking you cooler. Let's start, Cooler buying guide in 2021. |Advance tips|

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Now read these few points below, it will help you.

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 1) Electricity
👉🏻 You have to see the cooler within 100W-200W. Because, if you exceed 200W then your power will be very heavy and it will become very heavy. Simple is best up to 150W. 

2) water tank size. 
👉🏻 You should take a cooler with at least 25 liters of water tank. Less than 25 means you have to put water in it very often.

3) Material
👉🏻Do not take as much wooden body as you can. Because the wooden smells very bad after the motor stops. 

4) Size. 
👉🏻 Keep this in mind also. Whatever cooler you are buying, will it fit in the house? For fitting, if it also has wheels, then it is even better, hum use move kr easily.

5) 4 way air. 

If your room / hall is large, keep in mind that O give air in four directions. These are just some tips that you should always keep in mind when taking a cooler. I tell in short but important things. Thank you very much for reading my article.

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